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Understanding Islam

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About the Teachers

Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka (HIThA/ i2 Ministries India) is the Pastor of the English Congregation of
Centenary Baptist Church, Secunderabad, India, and is a free-lance writer, speaker, and apologistevangelist. He has spoken in over 10 countries and many Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in India. He is the director of the Hyderabad Institute of Theology and Apologetics and the i2 National Coordinator of i2 Ministries in India.

Joshua Lingel (i2 Ministries, Inc.) is the Executive Director of i 2 Ministries. He trains students and missionaries globally in Christian Apologetics to Islam and currently teaches the only undergraduate course offered on Christian apologetics to Islam at Biola Univesity in Southern California.

Jay Smith (Brethren in Christ World Mission) has been a missionary with the Brethren in Christ World Mission since 1983 working in evangelism with Muslims in England, France, and Senegal. Jay is considered to be one of the top Christian apologists to Muslims in the world, and has been involved in over 60 formal debates with Muslim scholars globally.


  • Students select 6 Modules out of 13
  • Each module takes approximately 3-4 months to complete.
  • Duration for the Degree in Ministry is 24-36 months. (Max time 36 months)
  • Subjects are as follows:
    • Spiritual Intimacy
    • Maturity Module
    • Messenger Module
    • Ministry Module
    • Marketplace Module
    • Miracle Living Module
    • Messianic Module
    • Supernatural Architecture Module
    • Women of the World Module
    • Understanding Islam
    • Nation to Nation Module
    • Apologetics Module