About Us

World Class Faculty

Train Overseers and Leaders in your Church with our world class faculty. Reinhard Bonke, John Bevere, TL Osborn, Joyce Meyer & many more renowned teachers of the Word.

Global Footprint

With a global footprint in 150 nations and the curriculum is available in 85 of the world’s languages. In Southern Africa, the curriculum is available in English, Zulu, Afrikaans, Tswana, Bemba, Swati, Sudanese, Chewa(Chichewa) French, Swahili and many more. It has been used in more than 20 000 training sites.


ISOM is internationally recognized with the Covenant Theological Seminary, Christian Leadership Seminary and Vision International University. ISOM Core offers a Certificate and Diploma in Biblical Studies.


Bible Scholars are able to equip for their call regardless of their busy schedules. Alternate dates can be arranged if exams are missed. Students can transfer between schools in different provinces in South Africa, in Africa and around the world. Lectures can be done in English and Module guides and exams can be in your required language, vice versa.