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Ash Jag
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Ministering to Youth

Explaining Foundational doctrines in the Church. Student to complete Group Discussion and Self Study Questions for class. Exams are based on the lectures and student course work. If weekly course work is completed then the student is guaranteed to pass this course. Once the exam is completed, then the student can move on to the next subject for the semester.
Blaine Bartel Min to youth
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Reverend Blaine Bartel headed up the rapidly growing youth ministry of Church on the Move. More than 2 500 young people came out each week for outreach and ministry under his leadership. The One-Eighty concept has now been adopted by hundreds of other Churches. In this series, he shares the practical principal that made this ministry so effective.

  • Setting the Vision for Youth Ministry
  • Leading Leaders to Peak Performance
  • Effectively Communicating to Young People
  • Planning an Effective Youth Ministry
Can this be done with my Church Youth Leaders?
Yes, please contact our offices to see how you can conduct this as a short course.

If you need assistance or clarity on any matter please whatsapp/call: 2760 891 7810 or email: info@dsom.online.