Be part of our Africa 2030-2050 Vision!

This Summit is to acknowledge your work and efforts, to encourage and uplift you, to expose you to true-life testimonies, impart Kingdom strategies, to unite in a common Vision against a common enemy, to breathe fresh Revelation and impart Spiritual Gifts to you.

The Church in Africa displayed remarkable strength in fiercely challenging times. Overseers and Religious Leaders had their resolve tested to its limits.

In some countries on the continent, Churches were supported by the state and in some countries like South Africa, the Church was forced to close down for extended periods.
We witnessed satan's onslaught on Overseers, the Church and Believers.

What stands today is YOU!

It is NOT by chance that you remain. Call it what you will; the sifting process, the remnants, the Called or the Chosen. You were born for such a time as this! We must unite as Leaders.

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Preview The Overseers & Leaders Summit

The Overseers & Leaders Summit unifies Overseers from diverse backgrounds, cultures and language groups. When there are so many reasons to divide us, we use this platform as a road to social cohesion within the Body of Christ and focus on our common purpose, to train and disciple Leaders on the African continent.

What’s Included with Your Ticket

  • In-person or Online Viewing Access LIVE & 7 Days On-demand
  • Attendance & Practitioner Certificate Discounts
  • Speakers with great impact on the field
  • Opportunity for Community Connection Locally & Online
  • Discipleship workbooks & facilitator training material for Gr1-12
  • Opportunity to Open Colleges in your region
  • Keep ahead with vital information from Leaders on the ground
  • Bridge-in to Post grad studies
  • Join the fastest growing Independent Overseers body in Africa

Who’s Invited

Soldiers in the Body of Christ. Overseers, ALL Christian Religious Leaders, aspiring leaders, forerunners on the field, Church planters and change makers. Men, women and youth in positions of authority.


Saturday, 13th May 2023


Mangrove Centre, Durban, South Africa

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Your Hosts

We want to acknowledge your work and efforts, to encourage and uplift you, to expose you to true-life testimonies, impart Kingdom strategies, to unite in a common Vision against a common enemy, to breath fresh Revelation and impart Spiritual Gifts to you.

Online& In Person Delegate Registration

Disciple School of Ministry

Responsible for planting Independent Bible Colleges across SA and Africa with its core mandate to equip and train Disciples in Africa. To raise 2mil Disciples on the African continent by 2030. To raise soldiers in the Lord's army the size of China's army.

Dr Berin Gilfillan (USA)

Founder of ISOM Intl, the world's largest multi-media Bible College curriculum, with over 20 000 Bible Colleges in 150 nations, available in 81 of the worlds languages. He was Reinhard Bonnke's television producer, He is a renowned teacher of the Word who will not rest until the world is discipled.

ISOM South Africa

To provide Revelation Teachings, training, lectures and workbooks to Church based training centres across Africa. To be the agent for change in every community through the Church by turning every Church into a Disciple Training Centre. To teach the Word in one's native tongue.

Africa's Army Arise! Unite with our Vision.

Join the largest Bible College movement in the world with over 20 000 training centres, situated in 150 nations.

Founded by Berin Gilfillan, who was Reinhard Bonnke's television producer. He documented mass conversions as Reinhard's team crossed the African continent and noted that there was no material to train and equip Shepherds and Overseers on the field. It was the birth of this movement and it quickly gained momentum and has now become the largest multi-media, Bible College in the world.

ISOM and The Disciple School of Ministry is committed to training and discipling Africa. It is our Vision to raise 2 183 000 Disciples in Africa by 2030.

If you are

* Passionate about teaching the Word,
* Planting Churches and Bible Colleges,
* Making Disciples and
* Training our Kids & Youth

Then this conference is for YOU!

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As you heed the Call to ...

  • Engage with Leaders & Change-makers from across the continent.
  • Unite & reinforce relationships that serve a common purpose.
  • Train & equip across cultural, racial & economic divides.
  • Seize the moment in the face of adversity.
  • Achieve the impossible through the Promises of God.

Great Reviews

Our delegates say ...

Been attending the Disciple School Overseers and Leaders conference for four years. The content is world-class. The diversity of people is remarkable, from all walks of life with a common goal and purpose; to see Africa discipled. The speakers are clear, eloquent and knowledgeable.

John K

I recommend young people to attend. I hear people talk at this conference and say how they wish they knew then what they know now. Young people, do not wait to learn from your mistakes. You can learn from the wisdom of the people that have gone before you. Please make a way and get there or connect online!

Mary M

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