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Diploma in Biblical Studies 2: Yr 2 of Degree

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  • Curriculum
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Who should study this?

  • Students who completed the Certificate in Biblical Studies and will purse the Degree qualification
  • All Believers
  • Religious Leaders
  • Overseers

Credits contribute to Degree in Ministry Qualification. This semester is available in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Tswana, Bemba, Portugese, Swahili and French.


Wilderness Mentalities JOYCE MEYERS

  • Mindsets, Vision and Responsibility
  • Responsibility and Trials
  • Grumbling and Impatience
  • Impatience and the Victim Mentality
  • Pitfalls of Visionaries
  • The Victim Mentality and Self-pity
  • Self Worth Comparison, Stubbornness and Rebellion

Developing Leaders BRIAN HOUSTON

  • The Heart of a Leader
  • Your Heart Determines the Course of Your Life
  • Your Heart Determines Your Success in Life
  • Leaders or Followers
  • Pitfalls of Visionaries

Reconciliation A.R. BERNARD

  • Introduction
  • Origins and Destiny
  • Fear: The Strategy of the Enemy
  • Living a Reconciled Life

Personal Evangelism RAY COMFORT

  • Hell’s Best Kept Secret
  • Atheism
  • Militant Evangelism
  • True and False Conversion 
  • How to Get on Fire for God

Spiritual Warfare DEAN SHERMAN

  • The Biblical Foundation
  • Understanding Spiritual Warfare
  • Warfare Prayer and the Gates of Hell
  • Crashing the Gates of Hell
  • Exercising Authority in Society

Authority & Forgiveness JOHN BEVERE

  • The Bait of Satan
  • Under Cover

Spiritual Breakthrough DR. MARILYN HICKEY

  • Bible Memorization (Part 1)
  • Bible Memorization (Part 2)
  • Breaking Generational Curses

Christ Connection DR. T.L. OSBORN

  • Jesus Our Model
  • Jesus Our Inspiration
  • Our Response Action
  • Our Credibility
  • Our Legality
  • Experience

Living to Give WAYNE MYERS

  • The Maximum Lifestyle
  • How to Initiate a Lifestyle of Giving
  • Exchanging Earthly Possessions
  • Living and Giving
  • Beyond the Possible
  • Can God? God Can!

Ministering To Youth BLAIN BARTEL

  • Setting the Vision for Youth Ministry
  • Leading Leaders to Peak Performance
  • Effectively Communicating to Young People
  • Planning an Effective Youth Ministry

Biblical Eldership DICK BENJAMIN

  • What is a Biblical Elder?
  • The Function of Elders
  • Qualifications for Elders
  • The Fivefold Ministry (Part 1)
  • The Fivefold Ministry (Part 2)

Reaching A New Generation WILLIE GEORGE

  • What The Bible Says About Children’s Ministry
  • The Laws of Hospitality
  • The Last Days Harvest
  • Preaching to Children
  • Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry
  • How to Hold a Child’s Attention
  • How to be an Excellent Storyteller

Managing For Tomorrow JIM WIDEMAN

  • Using Puppets in Children’s Ministry
  • How to be a Problem Solver 
  • Organizing Children’s Ministry for Growth
  • How to Get Others to Help You
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