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CD BOKS is the acronym for Community Development – Building Others through Knowledge and Service.

This is a curriculum focusing upon the practical knowledge and skills needing to be acquired in order to help lift both individuals and entire communities out of poverty. It is designed to be taken into developing communities of the world in order to provide practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing impoverished people like clean water, dental care, disease prevention, best agricultural practices, etc.

The addition of the CD BOKS courses of instruction shall serve to provide “Added Value Impact” to the Missions Outreach Efforts which include (in part) providing spiritual education and practical instruction within the rural and semi-rural communities around the world.

NOTE: This module CANNOT be used towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

What you’ll learn

  • BK1. Basic Hygiene & Health (4 Sessions) Dr. Dan Fountain/Beth Doerr
  • BK2. Basic Medical Prevention & Care (8 Sessions) Dr. Dan Fountain/Dr. Carolyn Klaus
  • BK3. Basic Dental Care (2 Sessions) Dr. Brent Wong
  • BK4. Family Health (5 Sessions) Dr. Dan Fountain
  • BK5. Basic Agriculture & Farming (7 Sessions) Dr. Dan Fountain/Larry Yarger/Dr. Tim Motis
  • BK6. Pregnancy & Childbirth (4 Sessions) Dr. Dan Fountain
  • BK7. Child Development (4 Sessions) Dr. Michelle Shiwnandan
  • BK8. The Female Reproductive Cycle (2 Sessions) Dr. Vanessa Reynolds
  • BK9. The Ten Seed Principle (4 Sessions) Dr. Ravi Jayakaran
  • BK10. Effective Livestock Care (13 Sessions) Dr. Peter Quesenberry

What is the target audience?

  • Missionaries
  • Church Leaders
  • Evangelistic and Missionary Teams
  • Once off and Monthly Payment Options available

There is great, benefit for the Church  and the contect is absolutely excellent!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Basic Hygiene & Health

Basic Medical Prevention & Care

Basic Dental Care

Family Health

Basic Agriculture & Farming

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Child Development

Female Reproductive Cycle

Seed Principle

Effective Livestock Care

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